Coastal Aquatics-Professional and Experienced Lake Management Company.

Coastal Aquatics provides high quality professional service in the lake management industry with first class client communication in Virginia. Our clients will receive guidance in improving their lake or pond from an experienced biologist. Some examples of the services we provide are:

  • Annual Lake and Pond Maintenance Programs
  • Aquatic Vegetation Management
  • Fountain and Aeration Installation
  • Water Quality Sampling, Analysis, and Improvements
  • Stormwater Pond Inspections

Meet the owner

David Ellison is a biologist who is passionate about the outdoors, particularly waters of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. He has lived in Virginia for decades and is also enthusiastic about the Chesapeake Bay watershed and working towards improving that area.

Mr. Ellison’s professional experience is extensive in the lake management and golf course industry. He has 25 years’ experience in these industries with 15 years’ experience in improving aquatic landscapes. David’s aquatic experience includes providing recommendations and restoration of aquatic habitats for clients throughout the nation. After 15 years working for a national lake management company, Mr. Ellison began Coastal Aquatics LLC in 2021, which is headquartered in Southeastern VA.

Business phone :  757-276-1370

Email :

David Ellison President at Coastal Aquatics LLC